January 11, 2013

Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer

How Important Screening really is

Last year I had another colonoscipy.  It was easy! Even though colorectal cancer (colon or rectum) is
the third most common cancer among men and women in the United States, it is highly treatable
if found early.

What is the Preferred Screening? 

A colonoscopy is the best screening test available for colorectal cancer, and it even prevents many
of these cancers.  It is an examination of the lining of the entire colon, using a flexible tube (colonoscope)
that has a tiny video camera and light at the end that sends images to a video monitor.  If polyps (precursors
to cancer) are found by your doctor, they can be removed immediately.  With a little propophol to sleep, the whole thing took 20 minutes.  No narcotics, no pain; just get up and walk out of there 30 to 45 minutes after it's finished. The disease is more common over the age of 50, and there are some specific risk factors that can be identified.  Google possible symptoms, if you have any concerns.

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