March 01, 2013

Your Smile Is Our Specialty

Your Exceptional Crown

If you've never had a crown or have forgotten the process, you may have some questions.  Will the procedure hurt or damage my tooth?  How long will it take? What will it look like? What can I eat? How long will it last? Is this crown good for me? These are good questions that deserve answers.

Your crown is a prosthesis that is made explicitly for you.  Your tooth is unique like a fingerprint. Someone else's cannot fit your tooth. It had to be individually made for you alone. While it's remarkable that science and engineering has made it possible to make millions of exactly the same thing (pencils), it's a miracle that prosthodontists make millions of teeth that are all different, each individualized for each individual patient's tooth.

An exceptional crown, like the patient's two front teeth (pictured above), can perform all the duties of a tooth and cannot be differentiated from the natural teeth in your mouth.  It must attach seamlessly to your remaining tooth and root, not allowing bacteria or plaque the opportunity to cause more decay or increase the risk of inflammation leading to gum disease. It has to remain attached to your tooth and cannot break, and it has to look like and chew like your tooth.

Skillful management of your gum tissues and precise grinding of your tooth is required. Too much and the tissues are at risk; too little and the crown will be weak. Dental technology has advanced clinical procedures to a high level of quality and achievement. Impression materials capture precise details. Jaw movements are recorded. Materials make crowns more beautiful and stronger than before.

As a Board Certified Prosthodontist, with our advanced techniques and in office laboratory technology, we will provide  the exceptional crown you deserve

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