September 10, 2013

Fitness Foods Face-Off

What’s best during your workout?

Powders, pills, bars, and bottles are convenient, but real food can be as good (or better) for pre-, post-, and mid-workout fuel and hydration.  Choose a face-off below to see what you should be eating to build muscle, burn fat, and set new records in your sport. 

During Your Workout: Gatorade vs. Water

At 200 calories per bottle, Gatorade is promised to replace your carbohydrates and electrolytes lost during an intense workout—and it also tastes pretty good.  When you're pushing hard during an event, is it better than water?  If your workout is longer than an hour, you might need all that sports science (check out our matchup between Gatorade Endurace and OJ), but for normal training sessions, hit the tap. 

Source:  Read the full article and see the other workout food comparisons at

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