March 13, 2014

Gene Therapy: The Future of Medicine

Chemotheraphy Advisor again demonstrated it is in the forefront of publishing cancer related articles. It recently published a report on the discovery of a new approach to treat leukemia. A significant amount of research in the last decade has been done in the field of molecular genetics, directed to finding the specific genes, or combination of genes, that could be responsible for the development of cancer, and pinpointing ways to disable the genetic process as a method for treatment of cancer.

Researchers from the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer in Montreal, in collaboration with a group from Stanford University, after four years of study, have found a specific gene, Brg1, to be a key regulator of leukemia stem cells that are the root cause of the disease, its resistance to treatment, and relapse. The group is experimenting ways to find drugs that would disarm the Brg1 gene to keep leukemia stem cells from generating malignant cells.  By doing so, long term remission may be achieved.

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