February 10, 2015

Dentures: Where Your Natural Teeth Used To Be

Well-fitting Dentures

When teeth are removed, our jawbone begins a continuous, lifelong process of resorption, or shrinkage.  The pressure from dentures on gum tissues contribute to the shrinkage, since gum tissues were never intended to withstand chewing forces.  High quality, well-fitting dentures restore your youthful appearance, allow you to eat most of the foods that you love, helps you feel better about yourself, eliminates embarrassment, enables you to speak more clearly and even helps with digestion.

Loose Dentures

If you've worn the same set of dentures for a long time, your ridges have shrunk.  As a result, your bite has become closed down, and your lips and cheeks have less support from the teeth than they once did.  Since a set of dentures is made to fit the shape of your oral anatomy at the time they are made, often you don't notice the gradual shrinkage as gums and bone recede.  Your dentures become looser and more unstable, affecting speaking and chewing.  The collapsed "denture look" develops, when before nobody knew you were wearing dentures.

If this is you, it's time to get your smile back with a new set of dentures.  The new set will make you look better and feel younger, speak more clearly and enhance your chewing ability.

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