February 26, 2013

Coalition for Oral Health for the Aging

Compendium reported a survey conducted by the Coalition for Oral Health for the
Aging (
As patients age, and their manual dexterity and cognitive skills decline, maintaining oral health becomes more of a challenge.

It focused on how to prepare aging patients for their future decline in oral care. Preparing for the future involves educating patients before their retirement regarding the benefits of routine care visits in the prevention of problems.

The effects of increased use of prescription medications on oral health need to be understood.  The truths vs myths of aging teeth need to be discussed.

 Dental Treatment Planning for the Future 

Preparing for the future includes dental treatment planning for 50 to 70 year of age for restorative work, when they are healthy and able to have it completed, that will withstand the total failure of oral care that can occur as part of the aging process. By focusing on prevention, patients need an oral hygiene protocol of daily oral care, fluoride application and regular professional cleanings. In the elderly population, the primary goals of oral health include removal of infection and strategic preservation of what can be restored and maintained.  A stable bite and a focus on function are important to ensure the ability to have a healthy diet.

To read about the survey in greater detail, see Compendium, Feb 2013, vol 34, no 2, pp150-151, or go to www.dentalaegis.com/cced

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