March 06, 2013

A Study Referenced by The Endocrine Society on Dieting

A study referenced by

The Endocrine Society reported a comparison of three groups of mice followed throughout their life span. The mice stayed on their respective diets and measures of health, including body weight, body fat and blood glucose (sugar) levels, were obtained.
High fat group: mice that stayed on the high fat diet became obese.
Low fat group: mice on a low fat diet longer than those on the high fat diet. Yo-yo group: this group were on a high fat diet for four weeks, followed by a low fat diet for four weeks, back and forth, for their lifetime. This diet resulted in large fluctuations in the health measures, decreasing during the low fat cycle and increasing to a diabetic state during the high fat diet.  Surprisingly, the mice on the yo-yo diet had a similar life span to that of the low fat group.
Edward List, principle investigator, stated: "From our study, it appears that it is better to continue to encourage weight loss regardless of the number of attempts and failures."

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