March 13, 2013

Men Over Age 50 and Skin Cancer

Battled Skin Cancer, Twice

I have had skin cancer twice.  The first time was very serious and resulted in a six hour surgery and a resultant scar more than four inches long.  I wasn't going for regular checkups, and I had just watched the thing enlarge, for too long, not wanting to think it needed attention.  The second time, I was more proactive, and pointed it out to my dermatologist, and the removal was achieved in an office visit.  At least the scar is smaller because earlier treatment kept it from being more invasive.

The American Academy of Dermatology reports that older men should screen themselves for skin cancer.
Two studies presented at the Academy's Annual Meeting showed men aged 50 years or older are more likely to be diagnosed with invasive melanoma by a dermatologist than to detect it themselves, and they are less likely to seek a skin cancer screening due to a suspicious lesion.

Since delayed diagnosis has greater consequences, even sometimes death, my personal experience makes me encourage men over 50 to have their skin checked regularly.

For more information, check out HealthDay News.

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