March 14, 2013

New All-on-4 Success Rates

In this month's Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry (JPD), Parel and Phillips report on a study of implant survival rates for 558 jaws treated with 4 implants per jaw in a patient population between 2008 and 2010.  A total of 2,132 implants were placed, with only 48 failures, giving a 97.8% success rate.  Of the few failures, they were 5 times more likely in the upper jaw and more often associated with male patients, poor bone density, opposing natural teeth and the location of the most posterior implant.  Smoking, bone volume, systemic factors, addictive drug use and pathology, including the existence of periapical infections did not appear to be related to failure in this population.

Dr. Tupac has enjoyed universal success with All-0n-4 treatment.

When patients with greater risk had additional implants placed, there were no failures.
Dr. Tupac, Bakersfield's only full time Board Certified Prosthodontist, specializes in taking patients from failing teeth to implant supported fixed bridges and has been successfully treating patients in this manner for many years. 

All treatment, from diagnosis and treatment planning, to extractions and implant insertion, to fabrication and placement of the fixed bridges is accomplished in his office.

Robert G. Tupac, DDS, FACP, Inc., Diplomate, American Board of Prosthodontics (661) 325-1275 | 5060 California Ave., #170, Bakersfield, CA 93309

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