March 07, 2013

OHSU Study

According to a recent Oregon Health; Science University study, nearly 20% of people who underwent low back fusion surgery developed post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. Past studies have noted PTSD symptoms in some trauma, cancer and organ transplant patients. This is believed to be the first study to monitor for PTSD symptoms in patients undergoing an elective medical procedure.

The OHSU study, of 73 patients, found that the majority of patients in the study reported a good experience and had substantial relief of their pre-operative pain, even though spinal fusion is major surgery that may involve complications and a long recuperation period.
While the strongest factor in predicting PTSD symptoms was depression or anxiety before the surgery, some patients who had no such pre-surgery diagnosis also suffered PTSD symptoms.

This study emphasizes two principles:
that all possible therapy may be tried before resorting to surgery as the final option, and institute pre-surgery interventions that might work best to reduce or eliminate and PTSD effects.
Source: Medical News Today

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