March 18, 2013

Oral Cancer Symptoms and Appearance

Oral Cancer has Many Symptoms

Oral cancer can present with many different symptoms. Often, a non-healing ulcer (wound), whether or not it is painful, is the first presenting symptom.  A recent study suggests that the onset of orofacial pain that worsens during function may be an important predictor for the transition from oral pre-cancer to cancer. Screening patients who have new-onset orofacial pain may lead to a diagnosis of early resectable head and neck cancer, and may improve quality of life and survival rates for patients.

Various Symptoms 

Other symptoms that should raise suspicion include: white or red spots, bleeding mouth sores, increased mouth pain, loose teeth, poor fitting dentures, non-healing extraction socket, ear pain, lip or tongue numbness, difficult or painful swallowing, change in speech or a lump in the neck.
It is very important to remember that any white/red lesion or ulcer in the mouth that has not healed within three weeks should be evaluated.

Oral Cancer Screening 

Dr. Tupac provides oral cancer screening as part of new patient and patient recall examinations. He also works with Dr. Tung Trang, Chief of Head and Neck Oncology, of Kern Medical Center with the prosthetic treatment of cancer patients both in the operating room and after tumor surgery for patients recovering with surgical defects. Dr. Tupac had almost 40 years of experience in the prosthetic reconstruction of oral cancer patients to reestablish near normal function as it relates to speaking  and eating in addition to maintaining facial appearance.

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