March 12, 2013

Why a Prosthodontist Should Place Your Dental Implant

The Prosthetically Driven Implant Industry 

Todays implant dentistry is prosthetically driven.  A Board Certified Prosthodontist can determine and visualize, by the use of detailed radiographs, CT scanning, implant guides and diagnostic tooth positioning, exactly where the final tooth positions will be.  By doing so, all surgical procedures then become tailored to achieving the best esthetic and functional result possible.  It is not enough to just put an implant into the bone and make an impression and try to make the tooth on top look good.  The direct benefits of implant dentistry are bone preservation, maintenance of facial integrity, restoration of natural biting and chewing capacity and the self confidence that a secure smile can bring. Dr. Tupac is trained in five different implant systems, and can explain which is best for your needs.  Discover your dental implant options at

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