April 02, 2013

How To Use Denture Adhesives

Denture adhesives, when properly used, can improve the retention and stability of dentures and help seal out the accumulation of food particles beneath the dentures, even in well fitting dentures.  In a quality-of-life study, patient ratings showed that denture adhesives may improve a denture wearer's perception of retention, stability and quality of life; however, there is insufficient evidence that adhesives improve chewing ability.  Because there is little evidence regarding the effects of adhesive use for longer than six months, extended use of adhesives should be combined with periodic assessment of denture quality and health of the supporting tissues by your Board Certified Prosthodontist.  

Zinc-containing adhesives may have adverse systemic effects and should be avoided.  The ideal amount of adhesive is three or four pea -sized dollops in each denture.  All adhesive should be removed from your denture and mouth on a daily basis.  If increasing amounts of adhesive is necessary, it is time for the dentures to be considered for relines.  Yearly dental checkups for evaluation of the dentures is is an important part of oral cancer screening.  

Source:  Evidence-based guidelines of the American College of Prosthodontists as commissioned by the American Dental Association

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