April 04, 2013

Topical Fluoride Benefits Everyone

Fluoride Prevents Tooth Decay 

are "the first line of defense in the chemmotherapeutic control of dental caries (decay)". 

Contemporary research has shown that the main effect of fluoride is topical.  The application of topical fluoride causes the acquisition of calcium fluoride-like globules and free fluoride ions.  Lower pH during acid attack results in demineralization and the release of ions from the teeth as well as the release of calciumFluoride and phosphate from the calcium fluoride-like globules, together, with bioavailable free fluoride, remineralizes the tooth as the pH rebounds.

The efficacy and safety of, in particular, professional and home-use topical fluorides is well-established based on the evidence.  Professionally applied fluorides are routinely recommended for developing dentitions, and over-the-counter fluorides in toothpastes are recommended for teens and adults for twice-daily use.  Prescription home-use pastes, gels, and rinses are recommended for additional protection for at-risk patients, such as those with high decay rates, orthodontic patients and those with xerostomia.

Source: Dr. Fiona Collins, Current Concepts in Fluoride Therapy, www.dentallearning.net

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