May 09, 2013

What Is Peri-implant Mucositis?

One of the inflammatory reactions (not infection) around a dental implant is called peri-implant mucositis.  It has been described as a disease in which the presence of inflammation is confined to the soft tissues surrounding a dental implant with no signs of bone loss of supporting bone following initial bone remodeling during healing.  Signs that mucositis is present include bleeding on probing of depths> 4mm and/or suppuration.  The condition is reversible with early intervention and removal of the causative factors.  Usually surgical intervention is not necessary.

It is important for patients who have dental implants to have regular professional care for them as well as their remaining natural teeth.

A full description of the condition and treatment, as well as differential diagnosis regarding other peri-implant inflammatory disease, is found in a monograph from the Task Force on Peri-Implantitis of the American Academy of Periodontology.

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