July 11, 2013

Don't You Want The Most Informed Doctor?

Dental Treatment

I am often amazed by how organized medicine's treatment of cancer has become.  Nowadays, tumors are classified into highly specific levels (size, shape, extent, involvement of lymph nodes, etc.).  This detailed information about the diagnosis has been categorized and statistically verified and treatment methods have been researched for every level and correlated with success rates.  The end result is that, if you have cancer, the kind of cancer, its seriousness and the most successful manner in which it can be treated is spelled out.
Cancer treatment got this way because thorough records were kept, methods analyzed statistically and the research was compiled so that the care patients received was based on scientific evidence.  Hence, the term "evidenced-based care".  The dental literature these days is full of articles on evidence-based care for dental treatment--translating research into clinical practice.  


All licensed dentists must take a required number of hours of continuing education yearly to maintain licensure.  The requirements for specialists are even greater.  A large part of the additional three years of training of a prosthodontist is a comprehensive review of the literature.  In addition, the thorough and exhaustive examination of the board certification process requires knowledge of not only the past, but also the most current literature, and a minimum of five years of experience in the specialty.  The testing required during the recertification process--keeping board certification up to date--is just as rigorous.  Board Certified specialists have more verified training in concentrated areas to better serve the complicated needs of their patients.  Board Certification assures patients their tailored treatment will follow the roadmap dictated by scientific research.

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