July 24, 2013

Live Well By Keeping Dentures Secure

Millions of people visit their dentist each year complaining of dentures "moving around."  They become loose over time because the jawbone supporting them becomes smaller and the denture has less to hold on to.  For many, relining them or making a new set makes them fit snugly again.  Unfortunately though, for some patients, relining or a new set doesn't help.  So what are the options for these patients?  What can be done to keep their dentures in place all day, without the use of messy adhesives?

Dental Implants Changed the World of Dentistry  

The introduction of dental implants has changed the world of dentistry and improved the lives of thousands of patients, including denture wearers.  Implants have been around for over 50 years and the technology has improved to a success rate of 95%.  They can be used in many different ways to aid in the form, function and aesthetics of a patient's smile. The implant is placed in the jaw to simulate the natural root of a tooth.  Once the implant is placed, a restoration is connected on top of it, depending on the need of the patient.  
In the case of denture wearers, implants provide much more stability.  They improve the ability to eat and speak.  Sore spots are reduced.  Most of all, they prevent further bone loss, maintaining facial structure over the years.  Normally, two implants are placed for a lower denture and four implants for an upper denture.  As seen in Living Well Magazine.     

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