September 30, 2013

Common Dental Problems In Seniors

In fact, root caries (decay) is the most common decay experienced by seniors.  A study was done comparing different techniques of treating exposed root surfaces after brushing with a fluoride toothpaste--applying water, a chlorhexidine varnish, a sodium fluoride varnish, or a SDF solution directly to the tooth roots.  The varnishes were applied every three months and the SDF solution every 12 months.  When the Root Caries Index was calculated, all three groups had significantly lower risk for developing new root caries, compared to the (control) water only.  This simple emphasis on improvement in oral hygiene and application of the solution has great promise in the prevention of root caries in seniors.  

Source:  Evid Based Dent, 2011;12(3):70-71

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