September 05, 2013

Cosmetic Surgery: Buyer Beware

A patient of mine, a prominent and successful plastic surgeon, shared some of his ideas about what to expect and how to prepare for cosmetic surgery.  Cosmetic surgery changes the appearance of parts of your body that function normally but you want to look different.  A Board Certified plastic surgeon will help sort out your expectations of improvement with what is physically possible, and detail the risks and benefits of  procedure options.  Understanding the physical effects of the recovery, the time involved, your psychological response to the result, the financial considerations and the necessity of any additional follow-up care or additional corrective procedures are all the things that you need to know beforehand.  Once you have chosen a surgeon, have considered your options, are found to be a good candidate for the procedure, and have established specific, measurable and achievable goals before surgery, you will more likely be satisfied with the results.

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