September 04, 2013

Different Skin Types and Sun Exposure

People burn or tan depending on their skin type, the time of year, and how long they are exposed to UV rays.  The types of skin, based on how likely it is to tan or burn, are:

I:  Always burns, never tans, sensitive to UV exposure.

II:  Burns easily, tans minimally.

III:  Burns moderately, tans gradually to light brown.

IV:  Burns minimally, always tans well to moderately brown.  Rarely burns, tans profusely to dark.

V:  Never burns, deeply pigmented, least sensitive.

Although everyone's skin can be damaged by UV exposure, people with skin types I and II are at the highest risk.

For more information about sunburn, visit Traveler's Health: Sunburn. For more information, visit the National Cancer Institute's Skin Cancer Risk Factors.

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