November 07, 2013

Experts Agree: Standard of Care for a Lower Denture is Two Implants for Retention

The standard of care for an edentulous mandible (no lower teeth) should be the two implant -retained mandibular overdenture (IRMOD).  The authors conducted a 2011 survey of U.S. academic prosthodontic experts to determine their opinions.  Methods:  a Delphi method survey was used in which consensus was defined as a 70% agreement level among panelists.  Results: Consensus favored the IRMOD for 9 of the 10 parameters assessed--retention, stability, speech, masticatory efficiency, comfort while eating soft foods and hard foods, confidence in intimate situations, satisfaction and self esteem.  The exception was aesthetics for which the majority favored the IRMOD but the number was below consensus ranking.  Conclusions:  The panelists reached consensus that they would recommend an implant retained mandibular overdenture instead of a complete denture only as the first choice of care when restoring an edentulous mandible of a healthy patient or a patient with mild systemic disease but not for patients with severe systemic disease.  

Source:  JADA,August, 2012

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