February 10, 2014

What To Eat With Dentures?

How to enjoy food with your dentures!

Since gums were never intended to withstand the same chewing forces that natural teeth can, it may be necessary for people who wear dentures to modify food choices and preparation techniques in order to maintain a healthy diet.

Studies have shown that tooth loss can be associated with a poor-quality diet, and changes in chewing ability can alter nutritional intake.

Here are some strategies for maintaining nutritional intake with dentures:  
  • choose diets that are adequate in vitamins,  minerals and fiber from fresh (cut) fruits and cooked (softer) vegetables
  • decrease consumption of foods rich with simple sugars
  • eating moist foods or sipping liquids to facilitate chewing is helpful
  • balancing your bite by eating smaller amounts on both sides of the mouth at the same time makes things more manageable

By identifying foods that you may be avoiding, you may find new ways to modify how to eat things to include other foods to ensure a healthy diet.

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