March 05, 2014

Flu Shots Still a Good Idea

Flu Shots

Flu season in the United States usually lasts from October through May.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that the flu is dangerous and can be deadly even for the healthiest individual.  The CDC recommends nearly everyone over 6 months old get the vaccine, especially pregnant women, young children, people age 65 or older, and anyone who has a chronic condition (asthma, diabetes, heart and lung disease) or takes medication that can weaken the immune system.

Wash Your Hands

In addition, the CDC recommends the following healthy habits:  wash hands frequently, sneeze or cough into a tissue or your arm (not your hand), if sick stay home for at least 24 hours after a fever disappears, and keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth.  It takes two weeks for protection to develop after getting the vaccine shot.

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