March 31, 2014

Ready To Start Exercising?

Exercise Program

Spring is here and summer is coming soon.  More of us will be outdoors and we will want to take advantage of it by starting to exercise or to exercise more.  We're all different, and the typical caution when beginning any exercise program is to discuss the program with your physician first.

Low impact activities, such as walking, swimming, bicycling, yoga, and pilates, are excellent for toning muscles, aerobic stimulation, and developing stamina.  Most experts recommend 3 to 3 1/2 hours of this kind of activity per week.  One special benefit is increasing bone density, without joint aggravation.

Sometimes the above benefits can be gained by increasing daily activities--walking up stairs instead of taking the elevator, moving around each half hour instead of sitting all the time, or working your arms while you walk.  Try walking around the block a few times per day.

As always, if you have a chronic disease such as lupus, or are a senior, be mindful of your body.  Pain is a warning sign that your routine may have to change.

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