March 19, 2014

So: You Want To Lose Weight?


Why does it seem that losing weight is difficult?  The answer may be based on the fact that losing weight usually involves behavioral changes that can be unpleasant.  The simple fact is that calories taken in need to be balanced with calories burned, and losing weight means more calories burned than taken in.  There are some tried and true ways to do it, though.


It is still possible to feel like you've eaten your fill when you eat larger amounts of fruit and vegetables.  They are filling without the excessive calories.  The other calorie trick is to avoid fat, which has the highest caloric content (9 calories/gram), compared to carbohydrates and protein (4 calories/gram).  The best way to burn more calories is to increase your metabolism with regular increased activity.  Burning an extra 3,500 calories a week is the equivalent to the loss of a pound of body fat.  Finding the combination of dietary changes and increased activity levels is an individual thing, but is possible for everyone.

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