April 23, 2014

All-on-4 Considerations

Dental Implant

If you are missing all of your teeth in your upper or lower jaw, the All-on-4 technique has been reported in this blog as an extremely successful method for placing dental implants and restoring them with a fixed bridge.  This technique allows the placement of four implants in the upper jaw in such a way as to avoid the maxillary sinus and not require bone grafting, and four in the lower jaw and avoid the mandibular nerve.  The posterior implants on both sides are tilted in such a way that there is excellent bone anchorage and load distribution and allows the final prosthesis to hold as many as 12 teeth with only short cantilevers.

Multiple studies in the literature, substantiate Dr. Tupac's All-on-4 experience with a cumulative implant survival rate of 92.2% to 100%.  Presurgical diagnosis includes a cone-beam computed tomographic scan to assess the bone volume and density.  It also allows development of a surgical guide to allow for optimal implant position.

Who is a candidate for Dental Implant treatment?

Besides not having any teeth in your upper or lower jaw, what makes you a candidate?  You must be generally healthy and have acceptable oral hygiene.  You must have a jawbone that is greater than 5mm  in width and greater than 10mm in vertical height.  The implants, when placed, must have sufficient stability for immediate function, as determined by the torque measures during placement.

From a facial standpoint, an evaluation of your smile line determines the visibility of the transition from the bridge to your tissues, which must be not visible.  Your lip contour reveals the possible need for a flange for support.  The height of the lower third of your face must allow for the dimensions of the prosthesis.  Inside your mouth, the character of the gum tissues is evaluated.  The height of your bite and jaw relationships need to have room for teeth and esthetic tooth display.

If you want to be examined for this successful procedure that allows you to walk in with a denture and walk out with an implant supported bridge in the same day, give us a call.

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