April 30, 2014

Life In SoCal: Earthquake Preparedness

Most of us in southern California have experienced an earthquake and understand how unsettling it is when the ground below you is unstable.  Being prepared for the "big one" means securing where you live and work (in advance) and following what the kids do in school: practice an earthquake drill.


The first consideration is the safety of people.  For the drill, remember to get down on your hands and knees, preferable under a desk or piece of furniture, or next to an interior wall with your arms above your head.  If you have to evacuate where you are, have a plan in advance.  Locate emergency food, water and first aid materials.  Know how to turn off utilities if they are dangerous.  Have an outdoor meeting place for your family.  If you are usually in different places, designate a place to eventually meet.

Important Information

For your continuing safety, make not of important information: emergency phone numbers, names and addresses, information regarding utilities, medical history and current medications, vehicle information, and banking information.  What to keep in a fire-proof safe:  birth certificates, ownership certificates, insurance policies, wills, and a household inventory with photographs.  Think about how secure you will feel when you have done these things and are prepared.

Source:  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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