April 17, 2014

Prosthodontists Know Dental Implants Are Restoratively Driven

Dental Implants

Board Certified Prosthodontists know that dental implant placement  is decided by the tooth or teeth the implants(s) are going to support.  Historically, when these implants were first developed, most surgeons used the available bone to guide where dental implants were to be located.  Nowadays, the statement "the implants were put where the bone was" is inadequate.  Technological and surgical advances in bone and soft tissue grafting procedures have assured that implant supported teeth can be made to closely resemble the natural teeth they replace.

If a single tooth is missing, or a segment of teeth are to be replaced, then the teeth are planned first and the surgical procedures are planned to realize the eventual prosthetic result.  If an entire arch of teeth are missing, the prosthetic treatment plan is developed first, with the positions of the teeth and dimensions of the prosthetic materials predetermined, and then the surgical considerations planned accordingly.

If you need a dental implant, then your individual needs can bet be explained to you by a board certified prosthodontist.

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