May 07, 2014

Adults May Benefit From Fluoride Treatments

The Veterans Affairs developed a protocol for fluoride use in adult patients based upon the performance of the fluoride treatment on patients with a high risk of dental decay.  The objective was to determine of the fluoride treatments reduced the number of new dental restorations needed.


In 2008, 51.8% of patients with a high rate of dental decay were provided fluoride, and the percentage rose to 81% in 2012.  After the four year period, 8.6% fewer patients needed two or more restorations, there was a 10.8% decrease in the average number of restorations, and 3.4% fewer patients required new restorations after the initial 12-month period.

The results indicated that restoration rates rose before fluoride was provided and the number of restorations fell consistently after the application of fluoride to more high risk patients.  Therefore, adults, as well as children, can benefit from fluoride applications to protect their teeth from dental decay.

Source:  JADA, 2014, vol. 145, no. 5, 443-451

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