May 27, 2014

Relief For Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity is tooth pain that commonly comes from one of two sources.  The first is wearing away of the tooth's surface enamel to expose the dentin underneath.  The second is the exposure of the root surface, which is not covered by enamel, by gum recession.  When dentin or root surfaces are exposed, the tiny channels leading to the tooth's nerve are exposed.  When heat, cold, or pressure touches these channels, pain may result.

Teeth Sensitivity Treatment

One in four adults has some tooth sensitivity.  If you've ever felt pain in your teeth after drinking or eating hot or cold foods, you have it.  Fortunately, there are a variety of treatments we employ in our office to treat this problem.  We encourage you to brush with a tooth paste containing fluoride, because fluoride can act to harden the tooth surface.  We have desensitizing agents that may be directly applied to the sensitive surfaces to relieve the pain.  There are also prescription strength mouth rinses that may be suggested.  If you have tooth sensitivity, be sure to bring it up for discussion at your next visit to our office.

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