June 11, 2014

A, B, C's of Toothbrushes

Given the enormous number of bacteria in your mouth, and the fact that most toothbrushes are kept in the bathroom, cleaning and storing toothbrushes appropriately goes a long way to fostering oral health.
  • Let your brush Air dry, in an upright position.  Eliminating moisture between uses means eliminating micro-organisms.
  • Do a Bristle check--if they are frayed or bent, or if the brush is three months old, it's time to replace the brush.  Come in to our office, we'll give you a new one.
  • Thoroughly Clean the brush after each use, rinsing well, or soaking for a short time in an antibacterial mouth rinse.
Rinsing your mouth with that same antibacterial mouth rinse before flossing and brushing also reduces the number of micro-organisms, and makes your mouth easier to clean.

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