June 24, 2014

June Is National Cancer Survivor Month

I am two weeks from the five year mark after having an invasive squamous cell carcinoma removed from my chest. I am certainly grateful for that fact, and there are some lessons from my experience:

  • I watched it develop for too long but ignored it, believing it couldn't happen to me
  • I have a lifetime habit of not using enough sunscreen, a fair skinned person searching for that golden tan, when the truth is that I mostly burn and peel.
  • I did, however, take note of the statistics, that having had one skin cancer, I am more at risk for a second skin cancer, and, on a regular checkup, I asked that another "growing spot on my thigh" be removed--and it was a squamous cell also.
Even though the Mohs technique was successful for me, and it was accomplished under local anesthesia, I have a clear recollection of the pulling and tugging involved that was necessary to bring the tissue together, resulting in a five inch scar across my chest.  I joke that it ended my modeling career. If there are any questions about something on your skin, see your dermatologist.

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