June 27, 2014

Look Better And Younger With Dentures From Your Board Certified Prosthodontist

When teeth are removed, our jawbone begins a continuous, lifelong process of resorption, or shrinkage.  As a result, there is a collapse of facial support, less height in the lower third of the face and weakening of chewing muscles.  A well made set of dentures from your Board Certified Prosthodontist can recapture much of what is lost cosmetically, but not functionally.  The evidence is that dentures can generate only 15-25 lbs. of chewing force, compared to the 125 lbs. of force that natural teeth can.  That's why fibrous foods like meats, fresh vegetables, lettuce and unpeeled fruit, which take up to 60-70 lbs. of force to chew through, are so difficult to manage.

A set of dentures is not meant to last forever because your denture was made to fit the original shape of your oral anatomy and that shape changes as the gums and bone underneath recede.  Often you don't notice the gradual shrinkage that causes them to loosen and become unstable, affecting you in a number of different ways.

New Set of Dentures

With bone loss, the denture slips and moves.  Lips, cheeks and tongue struggle to compensate and form words.  Shrinkage also affects the alignment and balance of the upper and lower dentures and creates chewing insufficiency.  Denture wearers are more prone to dietary inadequacies as a result.  If you're developing wrinkles and that sunken "denture look" of closing too far, it may be time for a new set of dentures.

With a new set of dentures, you'll look better and younger with the lip and facial support that you need, and have a smile with a more natural appearance.  You'll speak clearly again, chew better, and best of all, will feel better about yourself.
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