June 02, 2014

Vitamins/Minerals Vital for Women's Health

A healthy woman needs essential vitamins and minerals throughout life.  For that reason, she ought to consider supplementation with the following:
  • calcium--for bones and teeth, muscle and nerve function, and hormonal secretion. 1,000 mg to age 50, 1,200 mg after that age
  • iron--for protein hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in the blood and to muscles. 18 mg to age 50, 8 mg after that age
  • zinc--for white blood count and the immune system, hormone regulation and calcium absorption. 8 mg for all ages
  • magnesium--for energy metabolism, proteins, bone health and muscle and nerve function. 310 mg to age 30, 320 mg thereafter
  • iodine--for nutrient metabolism, detoxification, nail, hair, skin and tooth condition, mental development.  150 mcg for life (220 mcg if pregnant)
  • selenium--cleanses many metabolic systems and processes. 55 ug for life (60 ug if pregnant)

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