July 08, 2014

Guided Surgery: Lower Teeth In A Day

Here's another example of a patient's teeth in a day experience in our office.  A patient who has upper natural teeth and no lower teeth is a classic dental cripple, because the lower jaw has limited ability to support and retain a denture, and the bone shrinks quickly when the upper natural tooth chewing forces are applied.

Special Equipment

He had a CAT Scan of his lower jaw, and a computer program was used to design implant locations and a clear guide to be used in his mouth.  After the guide was held securely, the implants were placed without making an incision.

The computer also designed a lower fixed bridge that was made in advance in our in-house laboratory.  When the implants were in position, the fixed bridge was screwed down.  The patient went from a lower denture to a lower fixed bridge in a single appointment.

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