July 07, 2014

My First Published Article: Because Experience Matters

Ever get a new crown and the bite just doesn't feel right?  Like you bump into something when you grind around?  As a Board Certified Prosthodontist, I know that when you get a new crown, your bite has to be correct.  Not only when you bite all the way together, but also when you move from side to side.  In the laboratory, crowns are usually made on metal devices that do not reproduce jaw movements completely.
In this published article, my first in the dental literature, I demonstrated, by having done over 130 pantographic tracings of jaw movements, that the jaw's complete capacity to move when you move your teeth to the side and forward and back, needs to be induced, or aided by the prosthodontist.  That's how your new crown is tested in my office before it is placed.  You have the confidence of knowing your bite is right and will be comfortable.

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