September 19, 2014

How To Take Charge Of Your Health Care

The more you play an active role in your health care, the better quality of care you will receive.
Most people depend upon different doctors, nurses, pharmacists and insurance programs for their health care.  It's a team effort, and you (the consumer--patient) are the most important member of the team. To take charge, follow these steps:
  1. Keep track of important health information, kept in one place.  Include name, birth date, blood type, emergency names and phone numbers, list of medical providers, dates of checkups and tests, list of shots received, health conditions, allergies and current medications.
  2. Know your family health history.
  3. Keep regular checkups, because early detection means easier treatment.
  4. Make the most of your doctor visits:  take a list of questions to ask, take notes on your doctor's answers, talk about changes since your last visit, and possibly bring a relative or friend with you to remind you of questions or help you remember information.
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