October 15, 2014

Sedation: Treatment Made Easy For Dental Phobics

Feeling especially nervous about dental treatment is very common.

For more than 35 years, Dr. Tupac has treated patients who require oral or intravenous sedation and anesthesia for their dental work.  Many patients are afraid of going for dental care, and their fear becomes compounded over time as their dental problems multiply.  Their initial anxiety can turn into a true phobia.  These patients can be given appropriate anesthetics, by a trained oral surgeon or dental anesthesiologist in Dr. Tupac's office, that allows them to be relaxed and comfortable or fully asleep as the dental treatment is done.

Anesthesia such as this benefits anxious patients, those with phobias about needles, an inability to comply with necessary treatment, low or altered pain threshold, difficulty getting numb, an overactive gag reflex, and significant medical conditions which require more sophisticated monitoring for safety.  Patients who desire to be stress-free and comfortable this way may inquire at the office.

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