December 29, 2014

Men Over Age 50 And Skin Cancer

My first skin cancer was very serious, and required a six hour surgery and a resultant scar more than six inches long.  I wasn't going for regular checkups, and I had just watched the thing enlarge, for too long, not wanting to think it needed attention.  It was a squamous cell carcinoma that fortunately did not penetrate my chest cavity.  That was over five years ago, and I have been a regular patient ever since.

The second time, I was more proactive.  I pointed it out to my Dermatologist, Dr. Ngo, at one of my six month checkups, and the removal of another squamous cell carcinoma was achieved in an office visit.  This one was on the front of my thigh and the scar is smaller because earlier treatment kept it from being more invasive.

The latest time, I wanted a biopsy of a bump on my forearm.  It was another squamous cell and it required additional surgery.  The four inch incision line is healing.

During the last surgery, Dr. Ngo kept remarking about the sun-damaged tissue she had to try to suture.  She correctly noted that years of sun exposure without proper sunscreen protection not only has resulted in these multiple cancers, but also in skin that is more difficult to repair. A word to the wise....

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