February 25, 2013

Dramatic Decline in Cancer Deaths

Cancer Rates Reach New Milestone in the U.S.

Cancer mortality rates have reached a new milestone in the United States--deaths from cancer have dropped 20% since their peak in 1991, according to the American Cancer Society.
Credit for the dramatic decrease in colorectal, female breast, and prostate cancer are due to early detection and treatment.  Declines in lung cancer deaths can be attributed to reductions in smoking. Half of the estimated new cases of cancer for today's male population are expected to be found in the prostate, lung and bronchus, and colorectum.  The same is estimated for women, with half of new cases expected to be involving breast, lung and bronchus and colorectum.
Statistics for the ten leading cancer types for the estimated new cancer cases can be found at www.chemotherapyadvisor.com

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