February 25, 2013

NobelGuide for the Upper Jaw

The Nobel Treatment 

NobelGuide is a treatment procedure which allows a patient to be treated from no teeth to a fixed bridge of teeth in one appointment.  Starting from wearing an upper full denture, this patient had a CT Scan of his upper jaw. By applying NobelGuide Procera software to the scan, the anatomy of his upper jawbone was visualized in three dimensions, allowing virtual placement of dental implants with a computer program. 

Planning and Implant Placement

In addition to planning implant placement, the computer program facilitated creation of a clear surgical guide, to be used for "flapless" implant placement. The temporary fixed bridge was fabricated in advance of the surgery also, so the bridge was placed at the same time as the implants.  This technique is predictable because the planning has revealed the anatomy under the soft tissue.  The resulting bridge enables immediate function with a beautiful esthetic result.

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