June 27, 2013

Your Sore Palate Under Your Denture

Denture stomatitis is a common and longstanding problem for removable denture wearers.  It is found to a greater or lesser extent in about 45% of the denture wearing population, according to studies.  It is an inflammation of the palatal tissue, that can be localized to slight area, involve the entire area of tissue covered by the denture, or be severe enough to create a bubbly, shiny surface.

While many things may contribute to the condition:  poor oral hygiene, wearing the denture at night, trauma, smoking, systemic conditions, allergic reactions to denture materials, and bacterial and fungal infections, the general consensus is that a denture that shows a lack of adaptation (that has poor retention or poor stability) is a cause always present.  As always, since the bone and soft tissues under dentures are shrinking over time, it is important to keep your dentures relined to fit as well as possible to keep your mouth healthy.

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