December 10, 2013

Board Certified Prosthodontics: Comprehensive

Treatment Options

Sometimes people are desperate, but are not willing to do what they need to do, even when they are able.  As a Board Certified Prosthodontist, while we very much enjoy "single tooth" dentistry--crownsveneerssingle implants, etc. (and do these things with the most current technologies available)--we see many patients who have been told they are at the end of the line.  These patients have multiple problems: missing teeth, broken down teeth, gum disease and bone loss.  As difficulties increase, people can feel overwhelmed.

At any stage of dental disease, however, there are always options!  The beauty of a comprehensive examination and evaluation is that it includes discussion about needs, wants and priorities.  In this manner, treatment options are considered in terms of benefits and expectations.  

Today there are more ways to achieve a great smile and have function, too.  We can find a worthwhile solution that fits! 

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