December 10, 2013

How To Care For Dentures

Careful daily removal of the bacterial and fungal biofilm present in the mouth and on complete dentures is important to minimize denture inflammation (stomatitis) and to help contribute to good oral and general health.  The latest evidence in the literature recommends that patients who wear dentures should do the following:
  1. daily cleansing by soaking is superior to denture creams and pastes and less abrasive
  2. denture cleansers should only be used outside the mouth
  3. dentures should be thoroughly rinsed after cleaning before reinsertion into the mouth
  4. dentures should never be placed in boiling water, because they will warp
  5. dentures can be soaked in diluted bleach solutions but only for 10 minutes or less
Your local Board Certified Prosthodontist (denture specialist) can help you with your dentures.

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