May 19, 2014

It Took An Attitude Adjustment

Attitude Adjustment

Ask people who have quit smoking, and despite the commercials for all the smoking cessation medications and programs, they all say the same thing:  regardless of what aids they used, what really made the difference is that they made the decision to quit.  Look into alcohol/addiction treatment and even though they are considered diseases, you find there is no medical cure for them and you learn from the Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous models that not drinking or taking drugs requires a behavioral change.

When it comes to losing weight and getting in shape, you can do it with a strict diet and exercise program, but how do you keep the program going?  And if you get to your goal, how do you maintain it?  The answer to all of the above is "it takes an attitude adjustment".  What reinforces the new behavior is appreciation and enjoyment of the benefits of your new self.  And so it goes with dental care--keeping your mouth healthy benefits your overall health, makes you feel good and look good, and gives you something to smile about!

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