June 05, 2014

Implant Success: What A Patient Can Do

Each patient has a role in the success of their dental implant. What can you do?
  • proper nutrition is important because it is necessary for optimal wound healing.  Intake of vitamin A, C, D, and E and minerals (calcium, magnesium and boron) are recommended.
  • stress management is important because in the short term it effects wound healing time.  In the long term, stress manifested in clenching or grinding can affect implant survival.
  • smokers are at a higher risk of inflammation and bleeding around implants which can lead to bone loss.
  • uncontrolled diabetes is associated with a higher risk of implant failure on placement and on greater inflammatory risk over the long term.
  • satisfactory hygiene--control of bacterial contamination of tooth/implant surfaces is important. This biofilm combination of microorganisms can be removed on a daily basis through thorough oral hygiene and regular maintenance visits for professional cleaning.

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