November 10, 2014

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth (xerostomia) can be caused by prescription or over-the-counter medications.  More than 500 medications contribute to oral dryness:  antihistamines (for allergy or asthma), antihypertensives (for blood pressure), decongestants, pain medications, diuretics and antidepressants.

In its most severe form, dry mouth can lead to tooth decay, mouth sores and oral infections.  Half of all Americans take at least one prescription medication daily and more than 90% of adults over the age of 65 do the same.  Therefore, older adults are a significantly higher risk.

Each day, a healthy adult normally produces one and a half liters of saliva, making it easier to talk, swallow, taste, digest food, and perform other functions that often go unnoticed.

Treatment options are available at our office.  Call for a consultation.

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