November 10, 2014

The Effects of Exercise and the Immune System

A study presented to the American Physiological Society suggests exercise has a positive effect on the immune system.

16 cancer survivors were recruited for a 12-week whole body exercise training program which included moderate aerobic exercise and resistance training.  Blood samples drawn before and after the program showed an increase in T-cells (responsible for the body's immune system response) that had been quieted by chemotherapy.

This suggests that the exercise stimulates the ability of the immune system to recognize cancer cells.

Other recent research has pointed to additional avenues by which exercise may reduce cancer occurrence or recurrence:  one, from China, showing tai chi stimulates T-cells in lung cancer patients; and, another, from the University of Colorado, involving exercise and breast cancer genes.  A German study of breast cancer patients found a decline in physical activity during and one year after treatment, a time when  patients may need to exercise the most.

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